Penguin B

Penguin B РAerial Survey RPA


Aerial Survey UAV


Our Penguin B platform is a versatile, medium altitude long endurance Unmanned Aircraft which can perform perform multiple roles such as Aerial Survey, Surveillance and Search and Rescue. Already currently equipped with a controllable pan and tilt camera to stream live imagery down to the ground station, the aircraft is also fitted with a modular payload bay capable of carrying an RGB camera, UAV Lidar, Multispectral camera for NDVI and agricultural assessments or Thermal Camera for surveillance. In many cases and depending on the endurance and flight times required the aircraft is capable of carrying more than one of these sensor packages, meaning that an area only needs to be flown once.

UAV Survey Penguin B


Wing span – 3.3 metres

Length – 2.27 metres

Maximum Payload – 10 kilograms

Endurance – 10+ hours

Cruise speed – 22 m/s (80km/h)

Maximum Level Speed – 36 ms (130km/h)

Payload Options – RGB , Lidar, Multispectral, Surveiillance, Thermal

Fitted with a long range fuel tank which gives endurance of between 10-20 hours, and a cruise speed of 22-26 metres per second, it can cover large areas or simply loiter around a point if conducting surveillance or search and rescue work. The on-board autopilot features multiple sensors which ensures reliability in the event of a systems failure and means there is always redundancy. The RPA operator is able to send commands to the aircraft via a long range two way telemetry link as well as monitor the flight progress and engine and autopilot parameters. The aircraft will also soon be fitted with Automatic Dependent Surveillance Broadcast system to ensure that it is visible to Air Traffic Control for operating in airspace or nearby to aerodromes.

Penguin B UAV



  • Modular Design – Easily transportable
  • Dual GPS sensors – additional redundancy and safety
  • Dual Vibration dampening engine mount¬† – Payload remains free of vibration
  • Modular payload bay for multiple payloads and easy field swaps
  • Engine telemetry monitoring for RPM, Temperature, and Fuel Levels
  • Two way telemetry monitoring
  • Waypoint mission planning, completely autonomous flight and return to home functions
  • Automatic take-off and Landing functionality
  • Laser Rangefinder for precise height above terrain

You can use the link below to contact us if you would like more information about the capabilities of the Penguin B